What Are All Your Questions About Healthy Sleep?

Understanding healthy sleep

A good night’s sleep has become a luxury in today’s hectic society. As a result, it has slid below work, housework, social time, and entertainment on our list of priorities.

However, sleep should not be considered a luxury. On the contrary, it is as essential to your physical and mental wellbeing as food and water.

Sleep requirements are a relatively recent area of study. Scientists are investigating what happens to the body during sleep and why sleep is vital. We are aware that sleep is required to:

  • preserve vital physical functions
  • restore energy
  • repair Muscle tissue
  • permits the processing of new information by the brain.

We also know what happens to the body when it does not receive sufficient rest. Sleep deprivation can result in a variety of mental and physical issues, including the inability to:

  • think
  • focus
  • actions
  • feelings

This can lead to significant issues at work and home.

It has been demonstrated that chronic sleep deprivation increases the risk for significant health disorders such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and depression. It can also damage the immune system, diminishing the body’s ability to fight infections and illness.


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