The Secret to Being Happy When You’re by Yourself: 20 Ways to Become Your Own Best Friend

Some folks thrive on their own company. Solo travel might be difficult for some people. A committed extrovert may learn to like spending time alone, even if he or she is not used to it.

A solid connection with oneself is a worthwhile investment regardless of how you feel about being alone. There is no harm in learning to love spending a lot of time with oneself.

When you’re on your own, you’re not lonely.

The terms “being alone” and “being lonely” must first be distinguished in order to understand how to be content while you’re on your own. Although there are some similarities, they are two very distinct ideas.

Maybe you’re one of those people who thrives in solitary confinement. You’re not a recluse, a loner, or a hopeless romantic. You’re satisfied to spend time by yourself. You even anticipate it. That’s not loneliness; that’s just being alone.

On the other side, you may be surrounded by loved ones, but your relationships with them are superficial, leaving you feeling lonely and unfulfilled. Perhaps you find yourself wishing for companionship while you’re alone. That’s what it feels like to be alone.

You must first realize that being alone does not imply that you are lonely before you go into the nitty gritty of being happy alone. It’s possible to be alone without feeling lonely, but this doesn’t have to be the case.


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