Swimming to lose weight: the right program

You have decided to lose weight, you are motivated and ready to follow a program and stick to it? Then swimming is the sport for you. Swimming allows you to work for all muscle groups without any trauma to the joints. So swimming to lose weight, yes, but you still have to have the right program.

Swim regularly to lose weight

As with any sport, there is no mystery, the success of your goals lies in regularity, that’s the keyword!

Before starting a program, you must also take into account your physical form: any beginner in sport or already practicing? We often make the mistake of throwing ourselves like hell into a sport, just to speed up the slimming process, but here we just manage to run out of steam very quickly.

So, start gently and especially gradually. Set yourself the first goal of swimming for 25 minutes, for example by taking two very short breaks.

Then in the next session, increase your swimming time by 5 minutes, etc. You must provide a moderate and above all continuous effort, breathing deeply, so as to draw on your fat reserves as much as possible.

The right program to lose weight is to swim 3 times a week for 30 to 40 minutes, and in 1 month you will be able to see conclusive results that will encourage you to continue in this direction!

You can gradually vary the types of swimming: breaststroke to start (very good for beginners), then crawl, backstroke and/or butterfly.

How to swim to lose weight?

Endurance is key to losing weight while swimming. It is better to choose a single stroke but do a long session, rather than getting out of breath with the butterfly stroke and stopping after 10 minutes. So start with the breaststroke which solicits all the muscles, gently.

However, if you are very athletic (or very determined to lose weight or both!), know that butterfly swimming is the best for building your abs and losing calories.

To draw the muscles of the back and arms without getting too out of breath, the front crawl and the back crawl are to be preferred.

Swimming to lose weight by varying the exercises

The right program to lose weight, but also to work your muscles intensely is to vary the swimming exercises.

Do you want to strengthen your buttocks and thighs? Use a board and mini fins, accessories that increase water resistance.

You can also kick your legs with your arms outstretched on the board, alternating on your back or on your stomach. If you want to shape your buttocks, make sure your movements are ample.

To gain breath, alternate slow and fast swimming, this will increase your lung and heart capacity: for example, swim 1 length in fast swimming then 4 in slow swimming, having chosen 2 swimming strokes beforehand.

After a few practice sessions, you will feel more comfortable with your movements and with your breathing, so you will be able to swim longer and longer. You can then start to crawl.

This swim allows you to coordinate your movements well with your breathing, and accelerates the slimming process because you burn more calories.

Know that the backstroke is very relaxing and allows you to “rest” a little while continuing to work all the muscles. You can also help yourself with the plank and do only kicking.

The butterfly stroke is reserved for experienced swimmers. It is a very difficult stroke because it requires a lot of breath and coordination of movements.

Eating well for swimming

Swimming to lose weight, yes, but watch your diet! Indeed, choosing a good swimming program for slimming purposes is quite commendable, but you still have to adopt a balanced diet and know what to eat before and after exercise. Starches, proteins and raw vegetables or salads of all kinds, your muscles will need to be fed.

Before your session, prefer foods rich in carbohydrates, in small quantities, which will gradually release their energy. Eat, for example, pasta, rice or whole wheat; fruits, and among others the banana, will bring you a lot of potassium.

Of course, fatty foods should be avoided or you will suffer from discomfort or indigestion. Don’t forget to drink regularly during your session.

After exercise, your muscles will need to recover, so eat protein! Chicken breast, turkey, fish, egg, fresh fruit, low-fat yogurt… this type of snack or meal is rich in protein which will promote the repair and regeneration of muscle tissue.


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