How to lose weight without losing your forms?

Do not lose weight too quickly to keep your shapes
Who says diet, says weight loss, therefore loss of fat mass. But to avoid the yoyo effect, you have to give the body time to get used to your dietary change.

Indeed, the amount of food ingested is recorded by our body, which is why, faced with a sudden weight loss, it will store the little food you give it. The calories then brought are transformed into fat mass and this fat is much more difficult to remove!

Your diet will then be used to store fat at the expense of muscles, which will melt visibly.

Added to all this is a loss of skin elasticity, possible stretch marks, hypertension problems, a drop in immune defenses, etc.

So ladies, take your time to do your diet well and complete it by playing sports, so you can lose weight without losing your shape!

How to lose weight while keeping your chest?

You have 3 possibilities to lose weight while keeping a toned chest:

  • Massaging the breasts 10 minutes a day in a circular fashion will make them firmer. A grandmother’s tip is to massage your breasts with olive oil; rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, it would prevent sagging and improve the texture and tone of the skin.
  • Finish your shower with a jet of cold water to revitalize your chest as much as possible, because the cold firms the breasts.
  • Work your pecs. In your gym or at home, there are multiple exercises to sculpt your chest. The pectorals are muscles located under the chest, there are two of them and the objective is to work them alternately.
    Push-ups, bench press or even lifting small dumbbells with your arms are exercises to straighten the breasts.

How to lose weight while keeping your buttocks?

No mystery, if you want to parade on the beach this summer showing off well-rounded buttocks, it will not be without some effort.

The diet allows you to drive out fat, but also muscles, so to avoid cellulite and flat buttocks, rule number 1: play sports! Yes, the diet is good, but not enough to have the body of Jennifer Lopez!

If you want to have nice plump buttocks, be aware that these are made up of 3 muscles that you will have to work on. These are targeted exercises that you can practice at home.

The best of the best is sports in the water: aquabike, aquazumba, swimming… Very tonic for the skin, they are incomparably effective for losing weight while keeping your shape! So, do not hesitate to abuse it!


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