How to Apply Mascara Correctly and Avoid Making These Common Mistakes [Guide]

Do you think you can apply mascara without having to watch any tutorial? Hold up a second. Even if you are a seasoned makeup wearer who can apply a few coats of mascara while you are sleeping, there is a chance that there are some mascara tricks that you haven’t yet come upon (or at least in a 15-second frenzy, should an impromptu Zoom meeting pop up on your calendar).

For example, the number of times you have witnessed someone in a public restroom forcefully pushing their mascara wand back into the tube before reapplying the product is probably rather high. That is a major no-no in professional makeup artists (you’ll find out why in the next paragraphs). Or, have you ever thought about the possibility of cleansing your eyelashes just before applying mascara to ensure that the wand stays cleaner? That is, in fact, a phenomenon.


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