Homeopathy to support the cancer patient

Speaking at the symposium on alternative and complementary medicine held at Tenon Hospital on October 20, 2012, to celebrate the 30th conference of alternative and complementary medicine. His speech centered on the interest of alternative medicine in supporting cancer patients and, more specifically, on the use of homeopathy in supporting cancer patients: “For several years, we have been witnessing a change in the behavior of cancer patients. More and more cancer patients are choosing (according to a study conducted by MAC-AERIO in 2010) to combine their conventional treatments with complementary medicines.” In this context, remember that Dr. Bagot established the very first cancer support care consultation to take place inside the confines of a hospital.
It is believed that one patient out of every five, is a cancer patient who also uses homeopathy in addition to their conventional treatment. Over the last four years, its use in cancer has increased by two. There are around 400 million users throughout the globe, according to estimates. At least once in 2011, homeopathy as a form of therapy by 56 percent of the population . Today, a significant number of patients are considered “long survivors,” and they desire to participate in the decision-making process about their treatment. On the other hand, it is abundantly evident that homeopathy is not a cure for cancer but rather an alternative medicine. Nevertheless, it can successfully improve the overall condition, lower the adverse effects of medicines, and work on problems for which there are no appropriate allopathic remedies.

Homeopathy contributes to the maintenance and improvement of the overall condition. 97% of patients report feeling better after receiving homeopathic therapy, and 93% report having less fatigue. Homeopathy is advised for the management of emotional shock, anger, despair, perplexity, tears, rebellion, melancholy (58 percent of patients), and anxiety starting from the moment the news is made, continuing through each stage, and continuing until after treatment (57 percent of patients). If surgery is necessary, homeopathy may speed up the healing process and allow for more effective support of the general anesthetic. It is suggested that you also have this medication before you start chemotherapy since it helps to strengthen the liver and kidneys when chemotherapy is being administered. In conjunction with chemotherapy, homeopathy can be an effective treatment for anticipatory or late nausea, loss of appetite, constipation, stomatological disorders (such as aphthae, mucositis, hypersalivation, and dysgeusia), skin disorders (such as hand-foot syndrome, fissures, dryness, pruritus, and folliculitis), peripheral neuropathies, thrombocytopenia, and spontaneous bruising. This medication may also help alleviate the discomfort caused by the adverse effects of radiation. Homeopathy may be used to sustain the patient’s physical and mental vigor while they are receiving palliative care. The homeopath may prescribe basic remedies as well as hetero-is therapies in cancer. Homeopathy, founded on the rule of similarity, employs a small dosage of the substance that disrupts the body to detoxify it. This helps the body to rid itself of the chemicals employed in the chemotherapy treatment the day after the treatment has ended. These specialized services are often provided by homeopathic pharmacies . Homeopathy makes it possible to enhance patients’ overall quality of life. It may even boost the effectiveness of chemotherapy (carried out in full, at the dose envisaged, with fewer late sequelae, and better compliance with treatments, etc.)


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