Curly Bangs 101: Everything you need to know before getting them

When I got my first set of curly bangs, a glow-up immediately ensued. I was fresh out of college, and I still remember how free and flawless I felt after getting layers and fringe for the first time. Styling my curls became so much easier, and I couldn’t stop staring at my front-facing camera, wondering why I’d taken so long to do it in the first place. Anyone who’s successfully taken the plunge with bangs knows the vibe: That exhilarating feeling when you take a beauty risk that pays off and doesn’t end in tears and disaster.

Though my foray into fringe was way back in 2015, the 70s-inspired look has gripped the trend cycle so you may be considering some curly bangs for yourself. They are a commitment, no doubt—but they also hold a unique power to showcase your facial features, switch up your vibe, and even make your styling process more seamless (not to mention offering an energy shift that screams “new me”). One might cringe at a mental image of mullets from the’ 80s—those meticulously carved perms that haunt countless family photo albums to this day—but when executed correctly, they can be a game changer.

So if you can’t stop swooning over tousled layers while scrolling through social, it might be time to try the look for yourself. Whether you’re ushering in a major life change, wanting a new look to match, or feeling inspired by fall fashion campaigns featuring face-framing fringe, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve had my fair share of experience dealing with my curly cuts, but I wanted to get experts’ two cents on essential tips to consider before making your appointment. So check out their wise words below before dialing up your stylist, and may the fringe be ever in your favor!


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