Celebrity Hairstylists’ Top 20 Haircuts for Square Face Shapes

Consider yourself fortunate if you were born with a square face. Those with powerful, angular jawlines have historically had some of the most famous faces in history. It’s also been noted that people with square features age gracefully and are some of the most talented photographers. However, having a square face does provide some obstacles, the most significant of which is determining how to style your hair in order to highlight your most attractive features. The objective should be to “draw attention totally away from the jawline and place it on the length of the hair,” as noted by famous hairdresser Giovanni Vaccaro.

Although there are literally hundreds of different types that are suitable for people with square faces, Vaccaro has a preference for one in particular. He recommends going in the direction of something that is “soft” and “layered.” We posed this question to both Vaccaro and Marcus Hoey, who is a stylist and the chief instructor at Glamsquad. We wanted to know their opinions on which haircuts work best for square faces.

01 . Wavy Texture

A typical example of a square-faced beauty, actress Rosario Dawson flaunts a cut that falls just below the collarbone and is styled in waves. Her powerful jawline is made to seem more delicate by this style. If you have naturally occurring waves or curls in your hair, you should think about keeping them in their original state since it will round out your angular features.

If you want your own hair to have a comparable degree of volume, you need follow the methods that Vaccaro outlines, which are as follows: “When using volumizing mousse, I instruct my customers to tilt their head upside down so that their roots may dry in the other way. This produces the most amount of volume. I then complete the look by using a big barrel curling iron with a 1.5-inch diameter to get some wavy, undone curls.”


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