Celebrity Hairstylists’ Top 20 Haircuts for Square Face Shapes

Consider yourself fortunate if you were born with a square face. Those with powerful, angular jawlines have historically had some of the most famous faces in history. It’s also been noted that people with square features age gracefully and are some of the most talented photographers. However, having a square face does provide some obstacles, the most significant of which is determining how to style your hair in order to highlight your most attractive features. The objective should be to “draw attention totally away from the jawline and place it on the length of the hair,” as noted by famous hairdresser Giovanni Vaccaro.

Although there are literally hundreds of different types that are suitable for people with square faces, Vaccaro has a preference for one in particular. He recommends going in the direction of something that is “soft” and “layered.” We posed this question to both Vaccaro and Marcus Hoey, who is a stylist and the chief instructor at Glamsquad. We wanted to know their opinions on which haircuts work best for square faces.

01 . Wavy Texture

A typical example of a square-faced beauty, actress Rosario Dawson flaunts a cut that falls just below the collarbone and is styled in waves. Her powerful jawline is made to seem more delicate by this style. If you have naturally occurring waves or curls in your hair, you should think about keeping them in their original state since it will round out your angular features.

If you want your own hair to have a comparable degree of volume, you need follow the methods that Vaccaro outlines, which are as follows: “When using volumizing mousse, I instruct my customers to tilt their head upside down so that their roots may dry in the other way. This produces the most amount of volume. I then complete the look by using a big barrel curling iron with a 1.5-inch diameter to get some wavy, undone curls.”

02 . Dramatic Side Part

Zendaya looks stunning with this hairstyle, which has a deep side split, loads of shine, and all of the length swept to one side. Ladies who have square features appear absolutely stunning with hair of this length, in contrast to women who have long faces who struggle to pull off the image of having long hair. When it comes to a square face, volume is of the utmost importance. Vaccaro explains, “That’s why I like using a curling iron rather than a flat iron to produce bouncy waves.” She also suggests curling in the opposite direction to lessen the wave pattern. “That’s why I enjoy using a curling iron to create bouncy waves rather than a flat iron.” To complete the look, use a texturizing spray to get a texture that seems effortless even on day two.

03 . Shoulder-Length Pieces With Textured Detail

Gwyneth Paltrow is at her most stunning when she wears her hair in long strands that have been flat-ironed and styled in this manner. The curtain effect created by her hair, which she achieves by first parting it down the center and then flat-ironing it, softens the angles of her jaw while drawing attention to the magnificent cheekbones she possesses.

Take note of the way in which she has parted her hair exactly down the center, which elevates an otherwise uninteresting style to one that exudes elegance. If you decide to go with this style, be sure to cut your hair into just a few lengthy layers so that it has some mobility.

04 . Tousled Bob

Long bob cuts, particularly ones that are layered and soft, are very flattering on square faces. Avoid getting a bob cut that is too short and too harsh and that ends just at your chin. This type of cut will simply draw attention to your jawline, making your face appear more square.

A person with a square face, like actress Keira Knightley’s, is the ideal candidate for the long bob haircut. You can see how her face has been lengthened by this cut, while yet retaining a lovely edge.

05 . Long and soft Bob

Vaccaro recommends asking your hairdresser to trim the hair with a razor so that you may get the appearance that actress Gabrielle Union has worn. “I prefer to use the razor to create layers and smooth the ends of my straight to wavy hair so that it may be styled in a variety of ways. This maintains the natural appearance of the lines and gets rid of any weight or bluntness that can call attention to the jaw.”

06 . Textured Layers

It is true that hair that is shoulder-length looks well on all face types, but as you can see here on model Kate Moss, a square face is especially suited to the particular cut that she has here. The light waves and highlights assist to soften Moss’s harsh, angular jawline, and the middle part, which is typical on many square-faced actresses and models, works really effectively with this style. Overall, the look is quite flattering for Moss.

When it comes to giving your hair a certain look, Vaccaro recommends using a flat iron on hair of this length. Be sure to cover your hair with anything to protect it from the heat.

07 . Feathered Shoulder-Length

In this picture, Mandy Moore flaunts a hairdo that is sure to complement every face shape: it consists of lengthy layers that begin just below her chin and extend all the way down to her shoulders. “The emphasis is fully drawn away from the jaw line and concentrated on the length of the hair,” says Vaccaro about the effect of having long hair.

08 . Mid-Length With Bangs

This look, as exemplified by the actress Kerry Washington, is the essence of timeless elegance. “It’s a delicate aesthetic that has enduring appeal,” adds Vaccaro. “It’s a classic look.” “Side-swept bangs will soften the jaw, and the length immediately above the bust will allow for so many more adaptable hairstyles,” says one beauty expert.

09 . Wavy With Bangs

Olivia Wilde’s square jawline is rounded off by these bangs that sweep to the side, and her long hair contributes to an overall stunning appearance. It seems as though she has everything under control, and it works out well. Because the texture is so important to this look, you should be sure to apply a good shine spray.

10 . Voluminous Curls

A square face is usually enhanced by the addition of long layers. They look especially stunning when worn with bangs that are brushed to the side. This outfit that Maria Shriver, another typical square, is wearing is just flawless: Her layers start at the jawline and work their way down to the chin.

According to Hoey, “you may style textured layers in a variety of ways, from straight to curly, or even beach waves.” “Applying a heat protectant and hold spray to dry hair is the first step in creating beach waves. Wrap the hair around a curling wand in a vertical direction away from the face, beginning at the front hairline and working your way back to the rear. To finish, separate the waves using a comb that has large teeth, and then apply a texturizing spray to ensure that the style lasts as long as possible.”

11 . Textured Pixie

It is not need to go any farther than Zo Kravitz, who reigns supreme as the pixie cut’s undisputed monarch, for evidence of how aesthetically pleasing this style can be. According to Hoey, “the textured pixie is a short, choppy cut that fits the head shape and produces a gentle young look.” [Citation needed] “The textured pixie” [Citation needed] “The sharp angles of the jaw will be rounded down by this haircut, which will also emphasize the look of the eyes and provide height and flow to the hair. This style looks best when hair is trimmed so that it is one inch long at the nape and gradually grows to be between three and five inches long from the crown to the place where the bangs begin.”

12 . Casual Updo

This is a wonderful illustration of how to achieve the ideal updo for a square face. Although actress Minnie Driver was born with very curly hair, she frequently wears her hair straightened. Because it is textured and wavy and falls in such a way as to frame her face, this hairdo works well for her. Hoey suggests utilizing these products in order to accentuate your natural texture “a salted spray or a cream, and then diffusing. Alternately, if you prefer a more straight-forward look, you can blow-dry your hair using a paddle brush and then finish with balm to add separation and texture.”

13 . Long, Textured Layers

The actress Priyanka Chopra has a long hairstyle that is textured and layered. This style gives her the appearance of having longer hair without the burden of having longer hair. According to Hoey, “You have the option of wearing this style centered, off-centre, or even with a deep side-part.” You have complete creative freedom when it comes to styling this cut because to the shorter face-framing layers that begin at the bottom of the jaw.

14 . Long, Sleek, and Straight

According to Vaccaro, “J.Lo is the only one who can pull this off well.” If your hair is naturally straight, you won’t need to do much in the way of style to achieve the long and sleek look. He continues by saying, “There is no requirement to layer this cut.” “To maintain a contemporary and streamlined appearance, blunt-cut the length and use very few face-framing elements,” the stylist advised.

15 . Soft Curls

Rihanna’s hair has a lot of structure in this photo, and the soft curls that have a bit of an edge to them are a terrific style choice for square-shaped features. According to Vaccaro, “to retain your natural curl or wave, I’ll take SheaMoisture and mix it with Miss Jessie to help produce the curl form and definition.” [C]ombining the two products together helps create the curl shape and definition. “Depending on the natural curl pattern of your hair, you may either twist your hair in parts and let it air dry, or you can keep it natural.”

16 . Sophisticated Waves

If you have incredibly straight hair but still want waves, try spritzing it with a style spray and winding two-inch portions of your hair around the barrel of a curling iron. This will give you waves even if your hair is super straight. After that, give it a finger comb and finish with some holding spray. This outfit is put-together without being overtly rigid, as demonstrated by Lucy Liu, who wears it.

17 . Long Waves With Side-Swept Bangs

You can tell you have angular features since your face is square. Your cheekbones are almost as broad as your jaw, and if you were to make a diagram of your face, it would seem like a square. Your jaw is almost as wide as it is. Since you want to soften the sharp angles in your face, the greatest bangs for you are long, side-swept bangs that just brush the brows. They should fall to a point just below the brow but should be lengthier on the sides, like the bangs worn by Jennifer Garner, an actress whose face naturally has a square shape.

Making sure that the bangs are trimmed longer on the sides than they are above the brow is the most important thing you can do to achieve the right look for your hair. The hair that sits above the brow should fall at or just below the arch of the brow. The bangs can be left long and wispy, exposing a portion of your forehead in the process.

18 . Modern Shag

A throwback to the 1970s, the Modern Shag receives a contemporary update, as seen here by singer Ciara. According to Hoey, “this technique draws emphasis to the cheekbones while also opening up the face and rounding the jaw line with short, face-framing layers.” To enhance the roundness of the cut, he suggests getting a curtain bang cut into your hair. “The bang’s shortest bits should rest just between the eyes and feather out to between the cheekbones and chin,” says a stylist. “The bang should be short on both sides.”

19 . Modern Pageboy

According to Hoey, actress Evan Rachel Wood looks stunning with a trendy pageboy cut. “This soft style has timeless appeal,” he says, adding that “side swept bangs will soften the jaw,” which will round out an otherwise square face. “This soft style has timeless appeal,” he adds.

20 . Tousled Waves

The model Heidi Klum has a gorgeous square face, and the gentle waves in her long hair (which are likely her natural hair texture) work well on her face shape since they soften the hardness of her angular jawline. Her face is very attractive. When worn on a square face, long hair may be quite attractive, but chopping in some lengthy layers and adding a deep side part, as seen below, can give the appearance of additional softness to the front of the hair.


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