Friday, May 20, 2022

6 Female TV Characters That Deserve Their Own Spinoff

Enthralling drama, stormy stories, and ever-changing characters are hallmarks of TV programs. The meat of any TV show is the main characters, but they’d be nothing without the help of a solid supporting character. Female supporting characters have had significant impacts on some of the best TV shows, whether as a sidekick to a male main character or as a fellow female star. Even a few female supporting characters are capable of carrying their television program. While original programs have their own merits, offshoot series can often outperform their predecessors. While there is much deserving recognition, here are six female TV characters who deserve their spinoff.

True Blood’s Pam Swynford de Beaufort

Even though True Blood has a large cast of primary and supporting characters, Pam earned a name for herself with her quick wit and dark humor. It would be fascinating to watch a sitcom focusing on her character, perhaps delving more into her psychopathic yet devoted mentality.

Orange Is the New Black’s Poussey

Poussey had a reasonable amount of screen time until her untimely demise on the show, but her character evolution was always lacking. Nevertheless, she was one of the show’s most relaxed and engaging characters. A spinoff about her experiences, cultural distinctiveness and friendship with Taystee would be fantastic.



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