6 Lies you Should Stop Telling Yourself Right Now

Every day, we tell ourselves lies, which is unavoidable because lying is one of our psyche’s numerous tools to cope with stress. We need to employ lies from time to time, whether it’s a minor lie to inspire oneself to exercise more (I think I already seem smaller) or a significant lie to keep family relationships (the family meeting wasn’t all that horrible). However, the lies you’ve been telling yourself for years, if not decades, are far more hazardous. Those lies prevent you from developing and becoming a healthy and happy person. They’re toxic because you don’t realize what they are most of the time! Here are six lies you should immediately stop telling yourself.

1 – ‘I’ll be happy after…’

This type of deception comes in various forms, but the primary notion is that something good will happen due to a specific event, change, or action. This form of conditioning prevents you from seeing the realities of your circumstances and instead directs your attention to a better, more distant future that will undoubtedly arrive. For example, you’ll stick with the job you despise for years because ‘I’ll save some money, go traveling, and be happy.’ Ask yourself what is now preventing you from performing the activities you enjoy. Why aren’t you content with your life? Instead of focusing on what will make you happy in the future, consider what can make you happy right now.

2 – ‘I’m going to start working out tomorrow.’

Of course, I’m not just talking about fitness; we all tend to put off making significant changes in our lives. You may begin right now, whether it’s with a healthy diet, going to the gym, going to bed earlier, drinking less alcohol, or eating fewer sweets. It makes no difference what time of day it is because establishing a healthy lifestyle has no time limit. Unless you start making slight adjustments right now, tomorrow will be the same as today. Even if it’s simply a fitness plan for tomorrow morning, sit down and write it down, watch some videos, and download apps. Develop your motivation rather than putting off the changes you want to make in your life.

3 – ‘I Am Unworthy Of Love,’

Even if you aren’t saying it out loud, this statement may be repeating in your subconscious mind like a broken record. If you find yourself in unhealthy relationships where you are mistreated, take a step back and ask yourself if you believe you are truly deserving of love and happiness. Then dig a little further to determine if you love yourself truly, wildly, deeply. First and foremost, you must learn to love and accept yourself — this is the foundation of any successful relationship, including your own. Next, you may need to start over and know yourself, your wants, wishes, and interests again. We spend so little time with ourselves that we lose sight of who we are and what we truly desire. If you love yourself, your life, and the world you live in, you will receive love.

4 – ‘Because I love him, he will change.’

Being in a relationship entails a significant amount of responsibilities. Most conflicts can be worked out if you truly love one other. However, if you’re trapped with someone who is discourteous and frequently betrays your trust, simply loving this person won’t suffice. He will not change until he wants to, no matter how much you value the relationship or love and care for your mate. Willpower alone will not be enough to change someone, just as you would not be able to change your behavior or reactions simply because someone urged you to. The growth process will only begin when you realize why you need to change and genuinely desire to do so.

5 – ‘I Won’t Even Try Because My Dream Is Too Big.’

One of the most powerful motivators we have in life is our ability to dream large. Have you ever heard of a brilliant innovator, a successful businessman, or a fantastic performer who didn’t believe in themselves? If you can conceive anything, you can make it happen! That’s just how life works. And, even if you start small, taking steps toward your dream will make your life a lot more meaningful and joyful. Most of the time, it’s not even the outcome that makes it all worthwhile; it’s the trip. Even if you want to go to space but don’t know how, why not attempt getting closer? Visit a fantastic space event, look through a telescope at the night sky, or go to a large observatory to gain as much inspiration as possible. Then, who knows, maybe something different will happen. Please don’t give up on your dream because it seems too far-fetched; it’s the only thing that matters!

6 – ‘I’m Not Good Enough is a song from the album ‘I’m Not Good Enough.

This is one of the most harmful lies because it prevents you from doing things that make you happy. You won’t even try to do what your heart desires if you believe you’re not smart enough, not pretty enough, and not good enough. Is he flirting with you, that cute guy? You, on the other hand, believe you’re not good enough. So when a great job opportunity arises, what do you do? But you’re frightened you’re not good enough once more. This may have been told to you at some point, perhaps when you were a child. These mental errors are buried deep within our subconscious, but the sooner you discover them, the better. Don’t hide behind this term; be strong; you are the only one who has the power to change your life and make it better.


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